Francine Ballard's Rantings of the Accessory-Obsessed.

Can’t bring myself to eat one..
"The older you get, the dumber cool looks."
Kim France, Girls of a Certain Age
A bird in the heel is worth two in the bush. #CharlotteOlympia Cruise ‘13
Paraty-me. Designersocial Popup @Sloan/Hall.
#UmaThurman Butterfly Goggles
[via What’s Wrong With the Zoo]
"A new dress doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s the life you’re living in the dress."
Diana Vreeland
Modern Day Audrey
The always fabulous #ranjanakhan showing me one of her fave neck pieces.
Accessory du Jour:
#RanjanaKhan Leather Collar Draped Chain Necklace. From spring 13 collection. Can’t wait.