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  1. Thursday night was our grand opening party at the new uberchic space on Magazine Street (thank you Vesta!). And thanks to everyone who came out to support us, especially local superstars:

    Rita Benson LeBlanc, Cece Villere Colhoun, Sara Ruffin Costello, Natalie Perkin, Katie Barton, Eleanor Petagna, Caroline Robert, Kristen Hooper, Deirdre Hooper, Ashley Russell, Lily and Ali Hines, Shelley Hesse, Allison Bell, Barbara Rosenberg, Erica Reiss, Frances Fayard, Nick Landry, Mary and Mary Wyatt Hines, Gail Bergen, Kat Baehm, Melissa Doyle, Anne Redd, Susan Langenhennig, Alexa Pulitzer, Marley LeBourgeois, Helen LeBourgeois, Kate Werner, Susu Stahl, Katherine Sauska, Ransdell Prieur, Coleen Eastman, Michele Randle, Kirsten Early, Lauren Wade Bott, Jenny Charpentier, Kevin and Jenny Wilkins, Tim and Jenny Williamson, and our own Nicole Lestelle, Amanda Singer and Katy Combs.

    Quel fête! -FDB

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    the way we want to see our makkis plated.. sumptuous..
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    SUSHI SHAPED IN CHANEL. this is what I want. I want this for every birthday.
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