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The Chanel Prestige Eyewear Collection
Who wore it better, the mannequin or Chanel Prestige eyewear ambassador Claudia Schiffer?
Here’s a little hint as to what I was up to this evening. Not good at guessing games? Okay, fine, I visited the Chanel showroom and got a preview of this year’s (because it is updated annually and all) Prestige eyewear collection.
Don’t worry, I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.
One of the best, if not THE best part of my job..
Just unloading a new shipment of CHANEL.. never worn.. heart be still. This stuff will be on the site in.. oh-let’s say a couple of weeks.
There are so many events to contemplate Friday, but here’s where I’ll be..
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Photo: Vogue magazine, Sept issue
DesignerSocial in Sept Vogue
Love that Blake Lively.. rockin her DesignerSocial Vintage CHANEL all over Paris fashion week!
-DS Staff
Brace Yourself, It’s True.. CHANEL is now officially out of this world, expensive
The rumors of a price hike were put to rest today, and prices have gone up another 20-30% across the board.
Medium Classic: formerly $2600, now $3400Jumbo Classic: formerly $2995, now $3795Jumbo Reissue: formerly $3600, now $4200 
-DS Staff
Photo: Racked
Generally not a huge fan of Drew, but lovin that Chanel necklace. No idea how much it costs because they don’t sell online.
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Photo: NYLON mag, Aug 2010