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This suite of four mini dresses paired with black shorts appeared about halfway through the Dior Spring 2013 show.
Here’s the thing. The yellow and lavender ones are lovely, but the pale mint green and pink ones are clearly less successful and the show would have benefited from some editing here. -RS (Images via
Its clear that Raf Simons as designer in charge at Christian Dior is a brilliant decision. His first collection for Dior, Fall 2012 Couture, was hailed as one of the best not only of the season, but possibly ever in the history of all fashion in all of time. Not to exaggerate or anything.
But let us look back a moment at Bill Gaytten’s last collection for the house, Resort 2013. Gaytten’s took the reins and did quite well in the limbo between Galliano and Simons. And while perhaps he was not the one to take the role of creative director genius at Dior, he is still talented and should be recognized for his work. So here are a few looks that Stylesight posted recently. I’ll take the one in red at far right please. -RS
More from Raf Simons’ first show for Dior- the Christian Dior Couture Fall 2012 collection.
Black and soft pink were punctuated by acid yellow, fuchsia and cobalt blue to great effect. The voluminous citron colored skirt shown with a sheer long-sleeve top will be popping up on red carpets absolutely everwhere. These are clothes for the women who really shop for couture and for stars who can wear such strong clothes- Tilda Swinton and Emma Stone both come to mind.
I loved the soft full-length gowns that closed the show, beaded on the front in one color and pattern, and in the back with another. A brilliant way to give a nod to the past, while looking to the future of the brand as well. Bravo Raf! -RS (Images via WWD)
Trend Alert: Handbags are Bigger Than Ever Before!
Leave it to Dior to erect a 20 foot tall purse to guard the construction site of their 57th Street store. We’ll be seeing it there until December when the store re-opens for biz.
-DS Staff
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File under: more stuff we don’t need. I’m all for putting myself in debt in the name of fashion. And the gold sparkles in the lenses are neat, but this is just extreme fashion whoring.
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